Gangs of Daggermark


There are many gangs that rule over the city streets of Daggermark.

City Guard
Perhaps the biggest “street gang” in the city, the City Guard are generally corrupt and often shake down common citizens for protection from the other criminal elements of the city. The City Guard is generally worried about their yearly bonus that makes up the bulk of their pay and is paid when taxes are collected in November.

If the yearly bonus is light the City Guard takes it out on the city, making up for the short fall with more corruption or even out right theft.

Red Claws
A gang of mixed races including many half-orcs that defend one another in the squalor of Daggermark. They are often at odds with the City Guard who would prey on those with no protection.

A group of wild mages that work together to understand their power and protect one another. They often use their powers to steal and they sometimes act as mercenaries for other gangs in the city. Many go on to become mercenaries in the mercenary companies that operate through out the Free Cities.

Gangs of Daggermark

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