The Free Cities of Gladshelm

The Story So Far
Sessions 1 + 2

Our heroes traveled to the city of Delkuur where they hoped to find coin and adventure. Outside of town they found a man executed for being a “Plague Bringer.” He appeared to be a priest of Pelor.

Upon arriving in the city they discovered that it had been the high priest of Pelor who had been executed by a corrupt judge known as Rogan. Further investigation revealed that Rogan was spreading fear through out the city with harsh punishments. Minor crimes and disputes were resolved through trial by combat with his half-orc judicial champion.

The temple of Pelor was shut down and the priesthood was openly hunted in the city streets. The heroes saved a priestess (Erika) from the City Guard.

Investigating his house the heroes discovered an orc of the burning moon clan hiding in the judge’s home along with letters and coins indicating the judge was in the pay of the Carthian empire. The heroes slew the judge and escaped the city.

The heroes hid for a time at “McGils Farm” a country inn a days ride out of town. Learning that there had been a revolution inside the city and that Lord Garlon had been deposed and the kingdom was now ruled by Princess Thelea the heroes chose to return to the city. There they met with Erika, the priestess who gave them access to the library in the Temple.

The documents from Carthia that were taken from the Judge’s house proved un decipherable but they did discover an ancient ruin nearby that housed the last work of Elisia, an ancient elven poet who died before her greatest work could be completed. Her last work was never known and has become a legend in academic circles.

Traveling to the ruin the heroes discovered that it was haunted by both a ghoul and several skeletons. An old woman in the town tried to trick the heroes into an ambush with the ghoul, hoping that if the ghoul was fed the town would be spared the depredations of the ghoul for a few weeks or months. The heroes spared her life once the ghoul was slain.

Inside the ruin the heroes dealt with 4 skeletons before finding the ancient epic poem of Elisia as well as many other books. The entire library appeared to be haunted as the heroes kept hearing voices and once they removed many books from the library all but the epic poem of Elisia turned to dust.


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